About David Blake

Hello my name is David Blake thanks for stopping by. I am the
creator and owner of websites like:


http://davidblakeonline.info/LS  and
and David Blake has worked at various occupations throughout his working life.

May I ask What brought you here? Are you looking for a way to build a
successful home business? Would you like to do it online as well?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading.

Before  Starting His Home Business

David Blake worked as a Professional Customer Service Representative in
the Financial Industry. he enjoyed what he did because it gave
him an opportunity to interact with people and help them
decide which home or auto insurance policy would suit
their needs best.

However, shortly after 9/11 the Company he worked for, was sold
and the new owners brought in their staff and downsized the entire

The economy took a nose dive and finding another job comparable
to the one he lost was virtually impossible so he changed career and
worked as a tour bus driver.

This gave David Blake the chance to continue working with people and an
opportunity to travel to many cities in the United States and Canada.
Although David Blake enjoyed this aspect of the job, he dreaded having to drive
overnight after not getting enough rest during the day.

It was time to make a change but David Blake did not want another job. He
wanted something that he would enjoy doing, something that would
give him a chance to deal with people, give him time freedom, and
an opportunity to earn a great income and not worry about being
killed while driving a bus overnight because of fatigue.

On the Internet, David Blake saw many people who were making money online,
and thought he could learn to do that too. So he started to educate
himself on Affiliate Sales and MLM/Network Marketing, Direct

Network Marketing and Me

Network Marketing looked like the ideal something I was looking for.
It offers:

Management Training

Working with people

The ability to create a substantial income


Time Freedom

Soon after I started, I found out that I did not know anything about
Direct Sales and Network Marketing. So I set out to devour as much
information as I could get my hands on. I attended webinars, bought
e-books and DVDs.

Network Marketing which is a branch of Direct Sales, is a respectable
profession and Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad
wrote a book recommending it. Warren Buffet, the second richest man
in the United States of America, with a net-worth of 44 Billion dollars,
owns a Network Marketing company.

I realized that in order to succeed in this profession, I needed to
educate myself, and as long as I remained committed, dedicated, and
persevere, doing whatever it takes to succeed, I could reap the
bountiful rewards.

I know that success, like a strong structure, takes time to create
and I am still in the process of developing my business skills and
becoming a better communicator in Network Marketing which is a
fast-growing profession. It is recession proof, and offers residual
income. Something like your Cable bill that you pay month after
month, although the cable is installed only once.

Never Put all Your Eggs in One Basket

While studying the successful online Network Marketers, I learned
it is not wise to depend on only one source of income because
the company you are with may change and leave you out in the

I want to make it clear that I am not talking about any kind of
get-rich-quick schemes but it is possible to make a lot of money
here and fast. However, there are precise ways to do it and I am
willing to show you what I have done and then you can decide if
you want to follow me.

Here is how I do it, I create a specific business plan and include
Network Marketing and affiliate programs that complement what I
am doing. All this takes a lot of effort and consistency, but I know
it’s the only way that I can get what I truly want.

What are your dreams?

To have multiple streams of income?

To be your own boss?

Spend more time with your children?

Spend more time playing golf?

Spend time at the beach?

Get paid while you’re are sleeping?

For the first time in my life I have the opportunity to enjoy these
things and I am willing to show you how I do it. All this is
possible for you too should you decide to join me in this profession
that is recession proof, fast growing, and offers residual income and
a chance to leave a legacy to your children and grand children.

Are you serious and committed? Then let’s work together to make your
dreams come true.
It does not matter what brought you here, please stick around, subscribe to my
newsletter, training videos and anything else that I would like to share with
you through my blog.

Thank you